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Staying Home? Time to Upgrade Your Tech!

So…for many months now, you’ve been working from home, eating at home, teaching the kids at home, and entertaining your family at home. Now, you’re discovering all the areas where the technology in your home is not up to snuff. WiFi coverage and speeds are inconsistent. Your Zoom calls look and sound like you’re underwater. Movie watching doesn’t come close to recreating a true movie theater experience. Music listening is just something that happens in the background and not immersive enough to require that you sit back and listen. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people are finally beginning to reckon with systems that are either showing their age or just not performing adequately now that they are being used all the time. What’s a pandemic-weary homeowner supposed to do? Here are some ideas.

Upgrade your WiFi

Network performance is key to making all of the technology in your home operate smoothly. With the introduction of WiFi 6 and wireless mesh networking, you can eliminate buffering and dead zones. Our favorite WiFi 6 products are from Netgear. Their award-winning Orbi mesh WiFi system can easily be added to any home. It’s designed for smart homes and provides an elevated WiFi experience. if you have a larger home with ceiling mounted wireless access points, Netgear even has WiFi 6 access points that can replace your existing units and modernize your wireless network. We sell the S-Line versions of Netgear’s Orbi, wireless access points and networking gear for business-class performance at home and a 6-year warranty.

Upgrade your Zoom setup

There are many ways to up your Zoom game, from simply re-orienting your camera so the lighting in your room is in front of you instead oof behind you…to adding LED video lighting, a better camera and connecting a professional microphone and audio system. If you’re an executive working from home, we can help you look and sound your best by improving all of these areas. We can also help you create a dedicated Zoom Room based around a large HDTV or your home theater system.

Upgrade your home theater or audio system

After a long day of work or home-schooling, it’s time to relax. Pour yourself a glass of wine, plop down into your best-loved chair, and hit play on your favorite music playlist. Or, gather the family around the biggest TV in the house and select the latest movie that premiered via streaming instead of at the theater. In both scenarios, we can create an experience at home that will help you miss going to a concert or the movie theater a little bit less.

Enjoy the best audio/video performance in every room with speakers from KEF, Devialet, Revel, Klipsch, Sonance, and Artison; audio components from NAD, Arcam, Marantz, Bluesound, Savant, and Sonos; video display’s from Sony and Samsung; projectors from Sony and Epson, and control/automation by Savant. We’ll design a system that’s just right for you and install it perfectly into your environment (while following COVID-19 safety procedures).

Get ready for entertaining outdoors

Before you know it, the weather outside will start to get warm and you’ll finally be able to enjoy outdoor living. We can make entertaining outdoors even more enjoyable with outdoor TV’s from SunBrite and Samsung, outdoor and landscape speakers from Sonance, and WiFi 6 coverage with a Netgear weatherproof wireless access point.

Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll help make your home smarter and more entertaining.


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